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Making Meals Quicker

Everyone’s plate is full these days with kids, home, and family obligations, as well as work and more.  Finding time to make healthy meals to serve to your family is often the thing that falls to the wayside, but your life doesn’t have to be like that.  Learning how to make meals quicker and easier can make all the difference in your life and that of your family when you are able to get meals on the table to allow everyone to sit down to dinner together at least a few times per week.  What are some ways that you can make meals quicker?

Preparation is key.  Doing most of your preparation the weekend before, or if not possible, the night before can make a big difference in how quickly that you can get a meal together.  Cutting vegetables, pre-cooking meat, and getting all of your ingredients together are just a few of the ways that you can prep your meal to be ready to cook a dinner for your family in absolutely no time. 

The slow cooker is your friend.  There are thousands of slow cooker recipes that can allow you to cook your entire meal while you are at work during the day.  A slow cooker is very efficient and helps a busy family to have a hot and healthy meal to eat when they are ready for it.  From roast and potatoes to soup to roast chicken and more, the slow cooker can fit almost any taste that you are in the mood for.

Buddy up with your freezer.  By cooking some of your meals on the weekend and then freezing them, you can just simply pull them out of the freezer and warm them up.  In just a few minutes, you will have all of the meal facets that you need to keep your family fed in a healthy way.  The freezer is a great place to turn if you are having a busy night, simply because it will allow you to cook and not have to do any great preparation.  Whether you are on your way to your son’s ball game or your daughter’s dance class, if you have meals ready in the freezer, you do not have to stop at the nearest fast food restaurant to keep your family fed.

Rethink cooking.  While you may think a meal is only a meat and two vegetables, rethink that idea.  A salad with grilled chicken can be a healthy meal, as can a wrap with steak strips.  These meats can be found precooked at the store or they can be quickly cooked at home to allow you to create a meal for you and your family.  Rethink what a meal can be and still be healthy to find meals that are quick to fix and healthy  for you and your family.

Making meals quicker will take some pre-thought and planning, but it can be well worth it.  In addition to feeding your family in a more healthy way, it can also save you money when you do not have to eat out all of the time.  By preparing ahead, using your slow cooker, taking advantage of your freezer, and rethinking what a meal looks like, you will be able to make meals quicker and easier to keep your family fed and satisfied.