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Getting Kids Involved In The Kitchen

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen can be fun for both you and your kids. It is a great learning experience for your kids in teaching them how to cook and in teaching other life skills. There are many different ways to get your kids involved from prepping to cooking to decorating and more. 
Allowing them this opportunity can help in them eating healthier and can encourage them to try different foods, simply because they helped you in fixing them. What are some ways that you can get your kids into the kitchen to both help you and to give them a great sense of self-confidence?
Salad fixings. Lay out all of the salad ingredients and let them build the salad. By having all of the veggies cut up and ready, you can just let them go at it in arranging the salad. They can use their imagination as far as making the salad and this will increase the chance that they will eat it and enjoy it.
Pizza fun. One of the favorite meals of any child is pizza and homemade pizza will allow them to create their own pizza, based on their tastes. Give them healthy options to put on their pizza. You may be surprised by what they choose to include. 
Stirring. Even a task as simple as stirring will give your child a sense of ownership in the kitchen. From cake mix to rice to veggies and more, stirring is something that you are sure to do several times when you are cooking a meal and allowing your child to help you when it is safe, will give them a chance to have fun and to help you.
Decorating. If you cook cookies, cupcakes, or a cake, why not let your child decorate with fun sprinkles and other sugar decorations? Kids can have a great time decorating special treats for you and your family and they will be delighted to show off their decorating skills and to get to eat their creations as well.
Measuring. While you may want to recheck their measurements, allowing your child to do some measuring will teach them more about the math of cooking. A child sized measuring cup can be a great help in teaching your child how to measure and follow a recipe.
Give them tools their size. While they can use some of your kitchen tools, giving them tools that fit their hands can make it easier for them to help you out in the kitchen. A child-sized apron, wisk, spoons, bowls, and more will help them to enjoy helping you out in the kitchen.
If you have been looking for ways to get your children involved in the kitchen, the time is now. Kids make it a little more time-consuming to do your prep and cooking, but it will be well worth it in the long run when you see how happy and satisfied that it can make them. Whether you choose to involve them in just a few meals a week, or as often as possible, you will find that it can go a long way to giving them a new approach to cooking, and to eating alike. Offering healthy foods and ingredients can inspire them to eat healthier and to be healthier now and in the future and can give them self-confidence. What more could you want?