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How To Get Your Children to Eat Vegetables

With the constant increase in obesity rates, it is no wonder that parents are trying to get their children to eat healthier. Vegetables are one of those things that seem to cause children to balk at consuming. While you may not get your children to eat every vegetable available, it is almost certain that there will be some vegetable that they will like. 
They key is to get them to try them. Finding ways to get your children to increase their intake of vegetables will not only make them healthier, but can also help to prevent obesity now and in their future. How can you get your kids to eat vegetables?
Offer a wide variety. There are dozens of different vegetables, but we tend to just eat a handful of different ones. By giving your child exposure to different ones, you may find some that they do like. Even if they do not like them the first time, keep offering different ones cooked in different ways. You may luck up on one that they really, truly like and then you can add it to your menu on a regular basis. The key is to keep offering different veggies and not give up, even when it seems that they will never try a new vegetable.
Slip them in where you can. Whether it is covered in pasta sauce in lasagna or spaghetti or covered under cheese in a pizza, you will find that there are many ways to slip in the vegetables where they are not quite as noticeable to children. By thinking creatively about what you are cooking and how you can add in shredded, finely chopped, or other cut veggies, you will find that you can add in vitamins and minerals, as well as opening up their taste buds (albeit unknowingly) to different foods and different vegetables that they may not be open to when they see them on their plate.
Make vegetables fun. This is the most important part of eating healthier. Whether you cut the veggies in fun shapes and offer a ranch or other fun dip to allow them to dip the vegetables in or you arrange them creatively on a plate or other dish, you will find that the more fun that you make the vegetables in both serving and eating, the more likely that they will be to eat them. A happy face done in vegetables on pizza can be a hit as well. The key is to think out of the box to find a way to get your kids to eat new vegetables and to get them interested in eating them.
Eating vegetables is not the end all of healthy eating, but it can be a very significant start when you are talking about children. Children need to be introduced to different foods up to ten or more times before they will actually become open to them and possibly like them. This means that you will want to keep putting the veggies on the table and putting them on your child’s plate. The more you do this and the more that you find ways to serve them that is fun and not quite as noticeable, you will find that your kids will begin to eat them and become less of a vegetable hater.