Roast Beef

There are several joints of beef to choose from like, sirloin, rib, fillet, and topside. For my normal Sunday lunch I cook topside. For a special Sunday lunch I would choose sirloin. 
Cooking time – see stages: 1. 2. 3. 4.                     
Preparation time 5 minutes
Oven temperature hot (gas mark 7. 220C 450F)
For slow roasting (gas mark 4, 180C 350F)
1.  Weigh the meat – cooking time depends on this. For under-done (rare) allow 15 minutes per lb plus additional 30 minutes.
For medium-done – i e well-done on the outside, less well-done in the centre –allow 20 minutes per lb plus additional 20 minutes.
For well-done allow 25 minutes per lb plus additional 20 minutes.  If slow roasting allow 40 minutes per lb plus additional 40.
If using a covered roasting tin or tin foil allow as extra 20 minutes cooking time or 25F (14C) higher temperature or one gas mark higher.  After about 45 minutes the heat can be reduced to moderately hot (400F 200C gas mark 6).  This does not apply when slow roasting.  Meat that has been frozen is often better if roasted more slowly.
2.  To prepare for roasting, season the joint lightly and add a very little fat over the lean part of the joint.
3.  Roast the meat as described in stage 1
4.  To make the gravy, drain all but one tablespoon of fat from the tin.  Stir in 1 tablespoon full of flour, cook for several minutes to ensure that all the sediment is scraped up, gradually stir in ½ pint (250ml) brown stock, (I usually save the water from the par boiled potato, and parsnip) mixed with beef stock cube), cook for a few minutes.  Serve with Yorkshire pudding and Roast potatoes.